UPS Services

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that provides continuous clean power to electrical devices and systems, guaranteeing a backup when mains power sources fail, or when voltage drops to an unacceptable level. Moreover, backup UPS allow critical equipment to shut down safely while waiting for external power to resume. This provides customers with security and reliability regarding their critical backup power infrastructure, which helps to protect business continuity.

Depending on customer requirements, we offer a variety of UPS brands from 1 to 5kVA single phase. A


  • Full turnkey solutions available where we can supply, install, maintain, and commission all of our units
  • Attock’s UPS selection starts from 1kVA to 5kVA which is ideal for ensuring unrivalled reliability for markets such as home offices, small to medium enterprises, and small server rooms
  • A variety of maintenance plans available and most include regular site visits, equipment checks, battery replacement, 24-hour technical help and much more
  • Our highly qualified and experienced engineers are able to offer the most economical solutions based on the customer requirements

Maintenance Plans

Like all technology, UPS systems have the potential for faults and errors which will negatively-impact their functionality. As such, Attock Networks consider regular maintenance to be vital in guaranteeing your power protection equipment remains reliable and consistent. To safeguard your business and your investment, we carry out regular visits to service your equipment, ensuring it’s operating at peak performance.

There are numerous reasons why we would encourage you to utilise our maintenance plan. In addition to conducting regular site visits, our team also check equipment, change batteries as required, and provide maintenance reports after each visit, so you are better able to understand how your equipment is operating. This is just the tip of the benefits received by Attock Networks’s clients; for an annual fee, we offer this and more – saving you the surprise of high fees in the face of unexpected equipment malfunction

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