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At some stage your business will probably “evolve” meaning it will move, change or grow. When this happens your IT systems will need to do the same and we are here to ensure your systems also evolve in sync and we have the racking products and services that contain your very valuable system.

At Attock Managed Services (AMS) we know that every business is unique, with unique needs. Thus, every data centre, floor or wall cabinet project we undertake is different. Instead of applying the same formula every time, our skilled technicians and engineers come up with a unique solution that matches your business needs and fits your budget and deadline. With this in mind “Attock Managed Solutions” have the knowledge, the ability and the stock to help you “Evolve”.

How it works
We will conduct a site survey, listen to your requirements and advise the best products for the job. In some cases we can produce bespoke racks to meet your requirements though there will be a lead time. We currently carry the largest range of racks in stock and one of our standard product will probably fit your requirements.

Our onsite rack assembly and installation service is ideal when your engineers have limited onsite time and access to the site is restricted. In most cases, your racks will arrive flat packed together with the additional accessories that you have ordered such as shelves, PDU’s, Cable management etc. This would either arrive the day before our engineers are booked in to visit or our engineers will bring everything in our own dedicated transport. This would depend on the rack and the accessories you have ordered. Our experienced engineers will then build the racks to the agreed specification and position them as required.

Selecting the correct server cabinet size depends on 2 major factors: the type of equipment needed for rack mount capabilities and the amount of equipment requiring server rack enclosure space. Planning is the key to a good experience when buying a server rack. Ideally, users should tally the total amount of rack units currently needed and also keep in mind future expansion because cabinet rack units can not be added on once a server rack is fabricated. If additional rack mount accessories such as environmental monitoring, battery back-up (UPS), and/or remote power management are required, extra front and rear cabinet space might be needed in order to sufficiently mount rack accessories vertically and horizontally.

It is very important to consider how much of the internal of rack is actually usable. We at Attock Network Products feel this is a crucial part of the decision making process and provide internal usable dimensions of all our All-Rack products. Internal Dimensions should be used as a guide to gauge the size and amount of equipment that can be installed inside the rack. Internal vertical measurements from the tallest point of any side rail to the bottom chassis is regarded as total internal height. Internal depth is figured by measuring from the insides of both front and rear doors. For your information in All-Rack racks, the mounting profiles both front and rear can be adjusted to give you extra flexibility. Lastly, internal width measurements extend from one side panel to the other. Additional space can be modified during rack manufacturing to allow for side, rear, and front mounted rack equipment. Additionally, the auxiliary compartment space will provide room for ventilation systems, bulky power cords and cabling management requirements.

Determining server rack location within a data -center, computer room, office or co – location facility is often overlooked until the rack enclosure arrives. It is crucial you determine if the finalised external dimensions of the server rack will fit through doorways, lifts, stair wells and other obstructions of the intended target location. Consider carefully environmental factors such as ceiling height and clearance regulations in your data center, computer room or office. All All -Rack floor racks are available in flatpack form where access is restricted for a prebuilt rack. We offer an onsite assembly service when required, the costs of this will vary depending on the geographical location of the site and the qty of racks that require onsite assembly. Contact us on 01254 231400 for further details.

Considerations such as server or comms rack weight and height are very important factors to take into account when moving floor racks from place to place. Some floor racks can weigh over 150 kg. And can stand very tall at over 7 feet. Server racks / Comms racks are large items which require considerable effort when moving, lifting upstairs, and fitting in any tight spaces. Please ensure that enough room has been made and accounted for before rack enclosures are purchases and finalised. Contact us on 01254 231400 should you require assistance on All Rack cabinet dimensions.

All-Rack floor racks are despatched fully assembled as standard. Should you require flatpack then please inform us at the beginning to avoid despatching a rack that will not physically fit through all access points in your building. Even preassembled All-Rack racks easily allow you to remove the front and rear doors (by means of 2 spring latches on each door) and side panels can also be removed easily, but that will not change external dimensions of the rack frame which cannot be taken apart. Please consider all product dimensions carefully to ensure server racks meet all access points in your building.

A “Rack Unit” or Rack “U” is an EIA standard allowance unit for measuring rack mount equipment. One “Rack Unit” is equal to 1.75″ in height. To calculate internal useable space of a rack enclosure, simply multiply the total amount of Rack Units by 1.75″. For example, a 44U rack enclosure would have 77″ of internal usable space (44 x 1.75). Click here to choose racks by height https://attock.co.uk/cabinets-and-accessories/floor-standing-cabinets

Many data center managers calculate rack enclosure height needed by determining
the optimal rack unit usage. For example, if users are aware that future plans call
for the addition of 20 2U sized servers, they could count on needing a 44U rack
enclosure. This will allow enough internal height for approximately 20 servers,
room for a 1U patch panel and a 2U UPS back-up battery. Rear or side vertically
mounted power management devices will also have sufficient room to perform
their functions.

Currently All-Rack provide “Universal mounting rails” on all floor and wall racks, however later in 2019 we will be introducing the option to request EIA Standard 10/32 Tapped Mounting Rails.

If you are in any doubt, then please give us a call and we will be more than happy to work with you and help you decide the best Allrack product to house your system. Our “AMS” (Attock Managed Solutions) does just that and takes the strain.

Attock can deliver fully built and pre-staged racks anywhere on UK Mainland and Europe.
This can be to a specific location or point of install. However, if stairs are involved or with no suitable lift available, the customer will have to make suitable arrangements as we don’t carry stairwalkers. Attock prefer a customer delivery/install risk assessment before delivery date to enable us to be fully prepared. Please contact us to discuss specific projects. Options for Delivery & site installation and notes.

Attock can deliver/install anywhere on UK mainland and \Europe, some exclusions apply.

Delivered racks may include pre-installed equipment.

Delivered and installed racks can have equipment installed on site rather than pre-built if more appropriate.

For all delivery and install options, a customer pre-notified risk assessment will be required to ascertain any access restrictions or install preventions.

Where racks are required to be powered-up, the customer is required to provide location of power supply and type (including fused spur).

If overhead rack fixing is required, customer to provide type and pictures if appropriate.

Quote will be required from Attock for all options based on info provided by customer.

Failed delivery/install due to poor customer information will be chargeable.

If multiple racks are required, baying kits are available and can be fitted.

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